Executive Director

Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF)


YBhg Datuk Hj. Shamsuddin Bardan is the Executive Director of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) since 2000. He is also a Board Member of the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), NIOSH Certification Sdn Bhd (NCSB), and a member of the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC). He is one of the employers’ representatives in the National Wages Consultative Council (NWCC) under the Ministry of Human Resources.

YBhg Datuk Hj. Shamsuddin Bardan is an Adjunct Professor at Management and Science University (MSU) since 2010. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee for Student Industrial Training University of Malaya since 2010.

At the international level, YBhg Datuk Hj. Shamsuddin Bardan is the Secretary-General of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers (CAPE) since June 2010 and the representative for Malaysian employers at the International Labour Conference (ILC).

He holds an Hon. Degree of Law (LLC) from the University of Malaya. Prior to joining MEF, he served as an Administrative Officer at Bank Negara Malaysia. 

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