Ethis Ventures

#Islamic Crowdfunding


Umar  Munshi is  the Founder of Ethis ,an  award -winning technology  company based  in  Singapore,which builds and ventures with multiple Islamic Crowdfunding platforms . Munshi is the CEO of , focused on developing government backed Social Housing in Indonesia, and which won Best  Islamic  Crowdfunding  Platform  a t the  GIFA  Awards  2016 . The  EthisCrowd community  of  20 ,000 has crowd - invested  in  projects  to  build  5,000  houses  for  the  needy  in  Indonesia  since  2015. Munshi  is  also  the  Chairman  of  the These pioneering initiative s and  his  active  participation  at  events  and in the  media  have established Munshi as a thought leader in Islamic Crowdfunding .

Ethis Ventures is a group of Partner - platforms including the Award - winning for SMEs, to  support university students, as well as to provide solar power to schools in Yemen. Ethis Ventures operates other platforms including Waqf (beta), a global Waqf Platform ,With Founding Patron Tun Abdullah Badaw i,and , a donation platform to support Muslims in Emerging Indonesia

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